What is BllinG Hair Restoration & Revival System™?

Our products address the hair’s nutritional needs by providing the highest level of hair nutrition, vitamins, minerals and amino acids specific to healthy hair growth and hair strengthening.  The system’s hair products provide a marine concentrate that has been proven in 8 scientific studies to re-grow hair.

What is BllinG Hair Restoration & Revival System™?

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Fibroblast Autoimmune Tea

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  • "I am so thrilled with the progress my hair has made since I started using the BllinG Hair Restoration & Revival System products. I am thrilled!"
    Client with Alopecia
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Online consultation goes over your medical history leading to the root cause of your hair loss by analyzing your responses to the online questioner and  images that must be sent in prior to booking. Product and protocol recommendations will follow.

Make It Beautiful Collection

Make it Grow Edge Promoter

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MAKE IT GROW Edge promoter, 10 ml roller bottle.


Rosemary, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Peppermint, Lavender, Almond Oil


Apply daily before bed or just after shower. Put 1-5 roller drops directly on the temples  and gently massage throughout the scalp, paying special attention to thinning or balding spots.


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