Meet April


My name is April Kearney I am owner/operator of BllinG Salon & Retail established June 2006 and Master Trichologist at BllinG Hair Restoration and Revival Systems. BllinG stands for "Blessed life living in God" I specialize in Trichology hair care services and treatments, color and natural hair transitioning, I also am a custom blend master. What l am most known for is the quality and nurturing care that I provide to my clients which cultivates a atmosphere for healthy scalp and hair growth from the inside out! My skill of expertise range from the latest fashion color techniques, trendy cuts, All facets of natural hair, customized essential oil blending, healthy transition styles, Ayurveda Therapies, and the service of Trichology treatments for challenging hair and scalp issues. At BllinG we offer various classes bringing awareness to our community in the areas of health, beauty, business, family, and so much more.

Born and raised in Austin TX and being a mother, wife, and business owner my family, community, and my faith have been such a deep rooted source of strength, support, and purpose. I am grateful to God for allowing the platform as a servant leader to help advocate for the progression of our community whenever the need arises.

April Kearney
Owner-Operator BllinG Salon & Retail





"Love how April has so much passionate for treating natural hair!!! Despite how late your appointment is, she never rushes with treating your hair with care!!! I live out of state and have not found a hair stylist that can treat and style natural hair like April!!!!"

"April really does a good job with my hair! My hair has grown and it's much healthier since she has been working with it. I also meet the most amazing people when I go to her shop!"