BllinG Butta Queen Royal


Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Patchouli, Clary Sage, Palm Oil and Black Castor Oil


BllinG Butta Queen Royal can be used to stimulate hair growth and eliminate hair dryness leading to hair fall. It also has a unique combination of essential oils to help balance the hormonal atmosphere to encourage hair growth and fullness from the inside out.

BllinG Butta Queen Royal can be used in between styles to add lubrication and strength to your tresses. BllinG Butta Queen Royal is excellent for twist outs or any protective styles to add shine and luster. This butter also helps to protect the hair from experiencing heat damage when blow drying.  BllinG Butta Queen Royal can be used from head to toe to relax your tresses and hydrate the skin. BllinG Butter Queen Royal is recommended for any areas of dryness.


Apply a small amount of BllinG Butta Queen Royal to the scalp and massage through the hair prior to blow drying. 


Custom Blended by BllinG Salon & Retail, Pflugerville, Tx

  • $18.95