Follicle Growth RX Shampoo

Follicle Growth Sulfate free Shampoo is a 100% natural, pH balanced, shampoo.  Specifically developed to address hair thinning, and loss, using only vegetable derived, and safe, ingredients for overall scalp health … with an emphasis on follicle cleansing, scalp stimulation, and healthy hair.

developed with essential nutrients to feed the hair and scalp, along with gentle circulatory enhancement to support a healthy scalp, and hair as a result.  Vegetable derived surfactants, and natural preservatives, cleanse the hair, gently and effectively, without stripping it, to support the scalps natural oil reserves and pH balance.

Surfactant: detergents and degreasers. At PureO Natural Products, our line includes the mildest high performing surfactants, which are natural and plant based. natural surfactant of two stunning naturally derived mild surfactants combine to create a blend that not only offers fabulous foam, but moisturization beyond compare

EcoCert Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate

Decyl Glucoside


  • panthenol for volume and lustre
  • vitamins C and E, offer anti-oxidant protection from environmental stress
  • aloe vera provides polysacharides to hydrate the scalp
  • quinoa protein for its cysteine, and methionine, the hair’s most important, building block, amino acids
  • saw palmetto for improved follicle stimulation
    • botanical extracts known to improve scalp health and follicle refinement