NaturaCoil Curl Defining Gel


Natural Coil Curl Defining Gel is a super smooth gel that offers the scalp excellent conditioning benefitsof Botanical Extracts. Besides, a light hold from natural ultra-pure, multivitamin polymer,manageability, and static control from lysine protein amino acid, hydration from pure honey,and the deep fragrance of balsam and citrus, leaving the hair smooth and controlled. Thisgel features only water-based ingredients that are already preserved, eliminating the needfor additional preservatives. Defining Curl Gel can be applied to wet or dry hair, dependingon the control desired.


Detangle hair and wash it thoroughly. Start twisting small sections of hair and take your time twisting. Be sure to apply enough gel in your hair and leave the twists in your hair for at least a day. Best to leave it in for a few days. Ensure that your hair is moisturized,because dry hair will come out frizzy!

When taking down the twists,separate the twists gently so that it doesn’t frizz. Again, ensure that your hair is moisturized when you take it down to avoid a kinky twist out.