Ultimate 25 advanced Hair Laser

This sophisticated laser device safely and effectively delivers nourishing laser light to energize and revitalize your hair follicles to promote hair growth. The patented hair-parting teeth incorporated in the device parts your hair to ensure the light energy reaches your scalp.

  • Stimulates Hair Growth
  • Treats Hair Loss
  • Reverses the Thinning Process
  • Increases Density and Fullness
  • Revitalizes Damaged Hair
  • No Harmful Side Effects
  • Drug-Free Treatment

Perfect for those who travel, with hectic schedules or those who live a distance from the nearest office/clinic, the Ultimate II is light-weight and user-friendly. This product is also great to use for home maintenance in conjunction with in-office visits.

Perform three, 15-minute sessions weekly to rejuvenate.

  • Dual Technology: Low Level Light + LED Low Level Light
  • 5 Low Level Light Diodes 650nM / 5mw
  • 12 - 650nM LEDS
  • Greater coverage with a total of 17 light beams
  • Closer contact thanks to transparent laser housing
  • LLLT and LED wavelength
  • Light weight for ease of use
  • Cordless convenience
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • $220.00