Wildcrafted Sea Moss by Wadadali Naturals

Our Sea Moss goes through the natural sun-dried phase before becoming a Gel, which preserves all beneficial properties and nutrients. Our Lime Infused Sea Moss contains 92 minerals of 102 minerals that the human body consists of. It helps with boosting your immune system, recovery of muscles, lowers cholesterol and is high in fiber. 


How To Use: Keep this product refrigerated to last up to 4 weeks. Keep this product frozen to last up to 4 months when sealed tightly in a freezer. 

  • Add to any of your favorite smoothies
  • Add to Stews
  • Add to Teas
  • Add to your favorite Nut/Plant-Based Milk
  • Add to your Pre/Post workout shakes
  • Can be used as a facial mask
  • Can be used on irritated skin and/or sunburns
  • If you’re on the run take a couple of spoonfuls of Sea Moss Gel to get those nutrients in for the day. 


  • $30.00